Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I know, it's not paper, but bricks like LEGO were always my (other) passion.
I actually liked the way you can try to recreate an object with some basic stuff. At my epoch there was just LEGO and LEGO decided not ever to make any military stuff; therefore I always had to build by myself the prototypes. (all very politically - and Scandinavian - correct, I have to admit)

Last days I was in Poland and I popped in shop with the usual LEGO of STAR WARS and I just passed over. Then my eyes fell on this super German Tanks built by the (less politically correct but much more accururate) Polish company COBI that I strongly recommend for quality and precision in details.

This is the motor (rear) of a Panther G. Also the box is very amazing because it explains the historical datas.
 Top: a fantastic TIGER full of details. It looks simply amazing
Top: the Panther Tanks with MG gun and crew

The view is great: they really look top top.
Who designed them is someone that likes history and know how to build with blocks

I think images speak better that any comment. Well I ordered some more.
And what is also unbelievable is that the price is 1/3 or 1/4 of LEGO and quality is the same.
Well... no words to add simply "dziekuje" (thanks in Polish)

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