Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It was time I was not anymore here.
Well it doesn't mean I was not plannig some new stuff to cut or new epoch to approach. I bought a Korean car (KIA) and so I moved my interest on the history of that country.
My attention was drawn by the not very known (for us) invasion of Korea in the XVII Century.
It was quite interesting to recreate the Korean Army, a Korean fortress.
Then I was touched by the beauty of the Japanese Samurai Army

I have to admit the effect is quite good!! I like the most the Ashigaru!

But also the light Korean infantry looks great; the archer was a hard cut!

This view form the top shows some mix of Japanese walls, Korean Gate and Osaka Castle (with different colours)

I loke the vision of the hand to hand fighting between this armies so full of colours and so distant!
I hope you enjoy too.
Next step will be flags and officers.

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