Tuesday, October 11, 2016


When  it is about the Battle of Leuthen all the attention - or almost - is paid on the attack of the Prussian Guard on the Catholic church of the village of Leuthen.
It is sometimes sad to consider that some parts of a famous and huge a battle of the past are forgotten because no one is passing the chronicles from the first sources till now.
The attack on the Protestant Church of Leuthen is nowhere told; one of the (new) aims of this blog is also to reconstruct that parts of battles that are forgotten, but that is possible with a historical perspective to suppose.
The village of Leuthen, nowadays Slesia in Poland and called Lutynia, had and has two Churches is a balanced respect for its communities, the Catholic and the (in the past) Protestant.
The two churches are still visible today; they are located one in front of the other on a west/east line runnig through the village of Leuthen. 
The Protestant church is more on the west part of the village and suffered a less impressive attack by the Prussian, but indubitably it was also a center of hard fighting.
I recreate - in paper, as usual, this Church in accordance with the current pictures of it.
I imagined also it was surrounded by a low wall, with a sort of white color., as in the pictures here.
 In these pictures the Protestant Church is defended by 1 battallion of the Hungarian Regiment Haller; the Hungarias wore very colurfull uniforms, usually with very tight trousers and low shoes.
 Thanks to the papersoldiers it is possible to host inside the little yard of the church (about A4 size): this is something quite unique.
Here a wider vision of the Village; The Protestant Church, the center of the Village with the little mayor.

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