Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I had a little of time. Well actually not. But I wanted to try to array a little bit of the farms of the Village of Leuthen, together with the Catholic and Protestant Churches, the little palace, just to have an idea how it could be.

 At the first stage I didn't want to exagerate with the number of figures. So I placed the Catholic church with the Roth Wurzburg Battalion complete (included the Grenadiers).

 Bottom: here some better view. I Would like to point how the huge range of possibilities that papersoldiers give to the wargamers. In this picture it is possible to see and entire Austrian battalion, split in companies. This gives the idea how a company could actually occupy a quite huge space inside a village.
The possibility of splitting the battalion in companies allows also to place with no problem the single units inside the village, without any compromise.
 Bottom: then I tried to increase the numbers: I added 2 Prussian Battalions on the attack. I also added some new Austrian units to increase the visual effect.
Bottom: here I want to show you how it is easy to array an entire battalion at 1:1 ratio in the courtyard of this church.

 Top and bottom: the visual effect increases.

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