Thursday, October 6, 2016


Finally, I was able to array 1 complete battalion at 1:1 ratio of the Harrach Regiment at the Battle of Leuthen. It has 6 Infantry companies 95 men each (considering the loss of that regiment) + 1 Grenadier Company with about 80 men
This gives all together a force of about 650 men. 
There are 2 colours with NCO's and officers.
Note the difference with the usual figures of wargaming: the colours of this battalion are like lost in the middle of the number of soldiers; the picture here bottom gives the idea also of what really meant in that epoch to maneuvre a so huge number of soldiers
Every soldier has been glued to a stand with prefixed distances; every stand has 5/4 figures (the most 5 figures actually). Then each stand has underneath a magnet that holds that stand fixed to the bigger stand (1 company) where I put and glued 4 barrels of metal and then covered with a paper layer representing the ground.
This allows to move single stand of about 100 papersoldiers in one move and at the same time to pick up little units or to remove them in the tide of the battle as in reality.
 Top: here it is well evident the Grenadier Company at the very side of the Battalion. I have to admit that is really wide: about 80 cm

At the battle of Leuthen this Regiment fought with 2 battalions (I am cutting the second one... so long) and it was arrayed in the front line in the defense of the village and sustained the hardest attack depleted that day by the Prussian Army

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