Wednesday, August 10, 2016


As requested, I publish some pictures with the Carthaginians (Levy, heavy peltast and Numidians); at the epoch (2012) still I didn't trim around the legs and I left a little bit of paper around each figure. Now the technique is quite more detailled. But just to give you a glance; I hope you will like

Top; Hannibal gives orders.

Years ago, while I was resting a little in Greece I brought with me some good papersoldiers: Romans of the  Second Punic War and some Carthaginians as well. 
At the epoch I still played at a ratio 1:10, but I think the pictures are good and I like to publish them here.


  1. Very nice pictures, as a matter of fact! Perfect art and scenery fits very well :-) Do you have the Carthaginians as well for this type of a game?

  2. Dear Mark, yes I did a complete set for the battle of Zama: Gauls, Carthaginian Levy, Italian Bruzzi, Macedonian, (according to Livio they were present too) Numidians, heavy Carthaginians Phalanx, Ligurians.... I will post some pictures