Wednesday, August 3, 2016


At the end of the battle of Leuthen at the evening of 5th December 1757 the Zieten Hussars entered the villages on the North of the battlefield to occupy them and to secure the Prussian Army.
 This movie of the same village of the pictures has as soundtrack the fantastic music "Fehrbelliner Reiter Marsch". I know it was written later on, but I find it so matching with this scene that I had to use.

 Here the mass of papersoldiers representing just 1 squadrons. How far this picture is from the few guys on boardgames that represent 1 regiment of cavalry with just 12/16 fugures

 Here top/bottom left you can see a Captain: he wears a white feather, with red trousers. Behind him a trumpet.
 This vision gives the idea of what means to have a mass of horses ready for action!

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