Friday, May 19, 2017


Well, in family we have Korean can vs a Japanese car; following this I implemented my fighting in the Japanese Invasion of Korea at the end of the XVII Century.

 The Korean army in front of the Gate of the walled town of Busan (South Korea) is waiting for the Japanese attack. All in paper.

 Top & bottom: the Korean heavy infantry, led by an officer, is ready for fighting.
 Top: Korean light infantry ready for fighting too (the church in the background is from Leuthen village.... sorry!)

 Top: a good image of the Korean Infantry

 Top & Bottom: notice the flag of the town of Busan

Top: on the top of the walls of the town the fierce Korean infantry is defending its Country and the town of Busan.

 Top:  a more complete vision of the defence of the Town of Busan
 Top: the yellow castle
 Top: the Japanese arrived. I liked very much their shape and how they look!
 Top: vision form the top
 Top & bottom: and intense fight: the Japanese are pressing towards the walls of the town.

Top: details of the fighting
 The Japanese Ashigaru are attacking in very deep formation. Will their discipline prevail?
 Top: pitched battle!
 Top & bottom: light Korean infantry is advancing to defend honour and Country.

 Top & bottom: hard fighting. Who will prevail?
 Bottom: the night is falling upon the fighters


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