Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Hi guys,
today it's a day of changing... We actually it is! My team Juventus just bought Cristiano Ronaldo and the entire town got crazy with that!!!

So spaeking of changing I also changed from the 25 cm papersoldiers, cut 1 by 1 to a easier way to represent a battalion with  a 15 mm papersoldiers;

I also changed the way to glue them. Every base has 8 or 9 rows for 4 men each, i.e. 36 papersoldiers/base. They are quite little as you can see in this picture:

In the front a 50 cents coins to give you the idea how little they are.

I decided to dedicate this scale to the Cutt's Division that attacked the Village of Blenheim.
Here I represented the Infantry Battallion of Hessen-Kassel "Erbprinz von Hassen Kassel"; it is said this unit fought with around 400 men. Actually a full strengh Hessen - Kassel Battalion of the epoch had around 650 men. I also decided for this unit to keep the old style 4 ranks deployement of the battalion. As you can see in the foreground there is half-company of Grenadiers, while the second half is at the end of the battalion.

Above: I decided to deploy this proud battalion on the table, without the green fields. I know the 25 mm scale is better cut but they give quite an impression even in this way and very easy to move and to play with

Bottom: a better view how they are glued.

Finally - bottom - you can see how light they are and easy to deploy. The green base - around 55 cm wide is self standing and will be very usufull to move with one finger around 420 men, like a real Commander of the epoch.

To be continued....

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