Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I come back after a little while on this blog. I decided to try to finish my 1:1 ratio Battle of Halmstadt between Danish and Swedish during the  the Scanian War in 1676.

So I went on in drawing and trimming the Cavalry Regiment of the Danish troops that where missing. Here I represent the (reduced) squadron present at the Battle of Halmstadt of the Danish 1st Sajellandke Rytter Regiment; The unit was quite undernumbered and therefore I represented it with barely 62 men.

The first 2 ranks (row) represent the unit with swords while the 3rd one wears pistols for caracole.

In this picture (below) the unit is marchin in coloumn. I indeed set every base with around 8/10 /12men; then 6 bases and 2 flags (every battalion was composed by 2 companies)

Problem was also to understand on how many ranks the unit was set during the Battle. In this case I tried a 2 rows/rank array, even though the painting of the epoch I found seem to represent the cavalry units on 3 ranks

Below: 2 ranks

Below: 3 ranks unit

Last picture: an idea how a 3 ranks unit could turn left at 1:1 ratio.

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