Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well I really liked the pictures I did of this hussar squadron of the Zieten Regiment at the Battle of Leuthen.
So I decided to write a second post with this new set of photos.

You can also see the Captain of this Squadron leading his troops. The background is still to be done better, but the effect is quite good. I think
I started to take some pictures from a very particular point: As I was present at the battle myself, with the men and horses just in front of me. You can easly see the Captain (without sabre) and the rest of the men.

The total view is -  my opinion - really good. It is acutally pratically impossible to see on wargames a so huge amount of horses ... papersoldiers allow you to recreate the real visul effect of a battle, without spending so much
Also the details of the uniforms are really well visible, and to paint them by hand would be impossible on a so huge scale.

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